Kidnap and Ransom

Protecting your people and assets

The safety of your employees and associates is paramount. Kidnap and Ransom cover is a specialised insurance that gives peace of mind to companies that conduct business in high risk countries. The policy also provides coverage relating to other criminal threats or mysterious disappearance, which can occur in any country at any time. Policies are also available for families who feel they are at risk.

Dealing with a kidnap and ransom can be costly, as well as exposing the organisation to potential legal action from employees and their families. However, kidnap and ransom insurance can reimburse ransom and associated costs, as well as providing access to valuable expert consultants who can advise on managing an insured event.

Travelers has been writing Kidnap and Ransom insurance since 1977 and, as a result, has one of the most experienced underwriting teams in the market place; being well established insurers in this niche market, we have a track record for innovation and expertise.

Our team has a depth of knowledge and understanding of the issues that clients face when dealing with incidents and have dedicated claims specialists who have dealt with many, and varied, claims over the years.

Travelers has an approach that offers consistency and, due to the experience available, are able to provide a flexible and client focussed underwriting approach.

What does the policy cover?

Kidnap for ransom is certainly the most high profile of the insured events but it must be acknowledged that incidents of illegal detention, extortion, malicious threats, blackmail and mysterious disappearance are not limited to so-called “hot-spot” countries. Sadly, these events occur far more often than is reported in the press, and often in countries that are low risk for kidnap for ransom. Our suite of products can accommodate coverage for all of these issues, as well as political evacuations, hostage crisis events and so-called “express kidnap”.

For further information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions document. For illustrative coverage examples click here.

Additional benefits

When a client chooses to place their policy with Travelers, they will also receive a number of complimentary additional benefits: These come in the form of access to online travel security advice and comprehensive crisis management guidelines, accessed via the Olive Group website. It is also possible for all new and renewing clients to obtain direct access to Olive for a one hour crisis management consultancy discussion.

Olive Group

Olive Group is retained exclusively by Travelers to provide kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Crisis Management Services. Founded in 2001, Olive enjoyed rapid growth, with their reputation built on successful completion of large contracts internationally. They have over 4,000 staff with operations in 30 countries and offices in 22 countries.

Olive’s Crisis Management team are highly experienced and their consultants are mainly drawn from the military and law enforcement: All of the individuals respond exclusively for Olive Group have experience in the commercial sector; this makes them perfectly suited to respond to crises and to understand the impact on a corporation, its employees and their families. They are also able to advise clients on how to manage the myriad of interested third parties during an insured event.

Olive’s Crisis Management services are part of an extensive combination of security services and technical solutions, making them very well placed to support large corporate clients, small and medium size businesses as well as individual family clients.

Kidnap and Ransom cover

Protecting your most valuable assets

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