Customised commercial insurance by industry

At Travelers we believe in the power of expertise. Our employees are known for their unparalleled insurance knowledge and their dedication to their crafts of underwriting, claims and risk control.

We recognise that no two industries are the same. That’s why we provide industry-specific expertise and solutions that we call IndustryEdge®.

IndustryEdge® is a fully integrated business insurance risk solution which combines underwriting, risk control and claims services tailored to a range of different industries and businesses helping customers to reduce the cost of losses and mitigate their risks.

IndustryEdge® is underpinned by extensive research, industry experience and tools that are specifically designed to support insurance-based solutions for businesses to manage their unique risks and reduce the severity and frequency of losses.

Each product is designed with industry-specific solutions and has the ability to be customised based on your clients' specific business needs so you can be confident that you are providing a solution that is flexible enough to meet their exact requirements.

The following IndustryEdge® products are now available:

IndustryEdge® for food and drink manufacturers
Food and drink manufacturers face a unique set of challenges which we know and understand. IndustryEdge® for food and drink manufacturers is designed to address these industry-specific risks that manufacturers face.

IndustryEdge® for hotels
From spas and golf courses to gyms, pools and restaurants, the hotel industry is full of assorted properties. It’s also full of diverse risks and exposures. Fortunately, Travelers offers customisable solutions to hotels dealing with real-world risks.

IndustryEdge® for industrial machinery manufacturers
Whether your client manufactures confectionary machinery, industrial pumps or internal combustion engines,Travelers has put together a bespoke product designed to meet the insurance needs of industrial machinery manufacturers.

IndustryEdge® for metal goods manufacturers
With our comprehensive package of core and specialised lines of coverage, metal goods manufacturers can rest easy knowing that equipment and income are protected in the event of a loss.

IndustryEdge® for plastics manufacturers
IndustryEdge® for plastics manufacturers provides the coverage and support necessary to keep operations running smoothly in the event of loss or damage.

IndustryEdge® for printers
As printers embrace technological change and produce more digital, mobile and online content, they also face new risks, including significant errors and omissions exposures. Travelers offers customisable solutions to printers dealing with real-world risks.

IndustryEdge® for property owners
Travelers recognises that buildings are a property owner's key business asset and subject to many risks. That is why we have designed a bespoke product to protect property owners against a range of exposures.

IndustryEdge® for restaurants
From upscale casual to fine dining establishments, Travelers has customisable full-service insurance solutions for full-service restaurants.

IndustryEdge® for retailers
Travelers understands the ever-changing nature of the retail industry. Whether your client is a boutique, a department store, a retail chain or simply planning to expand, we have years of experience and a wide range of products to protect retail businesses.

IndustryEdge® for the technology companies
With technology evolving at an ever faster rate, our two technology products will ensure that Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly, and IT & Communications companies stay ahead of the emerging risks.

IndustryEdge® for warehousing
The warehousing industry faces many unique risks and exposures. IndustryEdge® for warehousing is custom-designed for the industry.

Watch this space. More IndustryEdge® products are coming soon.

All our IndustryEdge® products feature superior risk control and claims support. For more information about the IndustryEdge® advantage, speak to your broker or locate a Travelers broker near you.

IndustryEdge® - our knowledge is your edge.

Our knowledge is your edge

Customised commercial insurance by industry

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