Kidnap and Ransom

Protecting your people and assets

Kidnap and ransom insurance is a highly specialised insurance class that requires the bespoke underwriting and claims service that has become Lloyd’s hallmark.

As one of the most established insurers in this niche market, Travelers Syndicate at Lloyd's has a track record for innovation and expertise. We have also come to understand the complex issues that arise during an incident and their impact on hostages, victims, relatives, employers and colleagues.

Kidnap and ransom insurance is more than just an insurance policy. The insurance gives immediate access to valuable specialist international crisis management services, as well as reimbursing ransom and extortion payments and paying associated costs. Experience has shown that early access to specialist advice significantly increases the chance of safe release.

Policyholders also benefit from access to our extensive knowledge and contacts in this field.

What does the policy cover?

Kidnap for ransom is certainly the most high profile of the insured events but it must be acknowledged that incidents of illegal detention, extortion, malicious threats, blackmail and mysterious disappearance are not limited to so-called “hot-spot” countries. Sadly, these events occur far more often than is reported in the press, and often in countries that are low risk for kidnap for ransom. Our suite of products can accommodate coverage for all of these issues, as well as political evacuations, hostage crisis events and so-called “express kidnap”. Personal Accident cover is also provided as the result of an insured event.

For further information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions document. For illustrative coverage examples click here.

Crisis Management

Through our response providers, Constellis, we look to provide specialist expertise in ensuring you get the right advice when incidents occur. We also look to tailor the cover for your bespoke needs and can offer a policy period from a 1 day “trip” up to 3 years.

A vital benefit of our policies is that they provide priority access to Constellis from the moment an incident occurs. The policy provides clients with initial telephone assistance and deployment of consultants to the client’s location where required. Should an incident occur, Constellis will act independently of Travelers to focus solely on the safety of the victim(s). Drawing on years of experience in managing crisis situations, plus strong local knowledge, they will help the insured to make fully informed decisions.

Kidnap and Ransom cover

Protecting your most valuable assets

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